News about makebardo, a creative design studio based in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Dotted Visuals

Dotted Visuals - Polka Dots
In Contemporary Graphic Design

Send Points Publishing

We have been invited to participate with the branding for The World Bar, Queenstown.

The publication tries to illustrate the charm of dots by displaying brilliant graphic design projects from around the world. The projects featured stand out for their distinctly stylish traits and the designers’ imaginations and innovations.


CITIx60 - Melbourne

CITIx60 City Guides Melbourne
Victionary Editorial
Hong Kong, China

Interview with makebardo about the corners that we love as designers in Melbourne. 

60 local creatives bring you the best of the city. Regularly voted ‘World’s Most Livable City’, Melbourne has a thriving art scene. CITIx60 Melbourne is your inspirational guide to places that only insiders of the Australia’s cultural and arts capital know and go.


We are what we eat

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Linking the eating habits with the essence of each person. The way we choose to eat reflects the way we are.

An illustration of the micro worlds, the intimate act of eating. Because certainly there is an order that defines us. Sharing the different realities, informing, entertaining and raising awareness. Religious beliefs, philosophy, ethnicity, culture, age and social class, it´s obviously that crosses our decisions when we choose what we eat.

Photography by Ludmila Calandria.


Index Book

Basic Identity 2
Index Book. 
Barcelona, Spain

We have been invited to participate with our visual identities for The Empanada Kitchen and Atidomingos.

Basic Identity 2 features different corporate identity projects developed by designers from around the world, showcasing a broad range of styles which enhance the book and make it both a compendium of visual input and a great source for inspiration.



Barcelona, Spain

'Atrapado' was born from the union of the technical sketches of an Architect and from a fantasy character of an Illustrator. They invite us to meditate about the way of living. That's why this fanzine, with the approach of an illustrated album, seeks to open the eyes of those who want to be conscious in this world today, now.


Illustrative Branding

Illustrative Branding Smashing illustrations for brands
Victionary Editorial
Hong Kong, China

We have been invited to participate with the branding for Zamora.

Illustration tells stories. Going beyond a logo and meaningful palette, illustration adds layers that enrich a brand’s identity, granting it a vivid character to engage audience and be remembered. The bespoke nature of hand rendered designs also invites a meaningful connection through the care put into the details. When an illustrator’s work compliments a brand’s philosophy and objectives the result is a powerful story told through stunning visuals.


Chois Gallery Magazine

Chois Gallery magazine
Gallery. The best Graphic Design. Vol#31
Shanghai, China

We have been invited to participate with the branding for Rentlogics and LightSpeed.

Based in CA and Shanghai, Choi's Gallery started its journey with Gallery-the World' best graphics magazine. Over the past years, Choi's Gallery has fully committed itself to publishing design books and magazines, focusing on architecture, fashion, graphic design, interior design and product design.


Cinema a la Fresc

Barcelona, Spain
Centre Civic Urgell

The City Council made an event during the summer that invites different artists to perform on the outside of the building.
Thousands of people at night to enjoy this event called "Summer Fresh" . This time Bardo made a collaboration with Blow Factory for the great jazz musicians of Catalunya: "Farràs-Romaní Hot Jazz Cats".

The installation was a 5.000 lumens projector with a wide projection behind the jazz band as a mapping. A visual mixing in live for all the people. Two nights of set illumination through a projector.