News about makebardo, a creative design studio based in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Novum Magazine

Novum Magazine #12.16
Munich, German

Very very proud to see our @queenstownairport wayfinding system featured in the new issue of Novum Magazine World of Graphic Design. A huge thanks to the whole team of #novummagazine for the article.

Novum is the oldest design magazine in Europe. It was first published in 1924. Is a leading and influencial design magazine. Each month this bilingual journal (German/English) presents the very best in graphic design, illustration,photo-design, new media, corporate design, paper, packaging, advertising and typography. Novum also spotlights new talents and the latest trends. It presents a balanced mix of visions for the future and state-of-the-art-design – to inspire all creatives in the world of international graphic design and advertising.

See the whole project here


Posters Exhibition

Design Assembly
Christchurch, New Zealand

makebardo has participated with an A0 poster for Design Assembly poster exhibition in Christchurch. Our quote on the poster: 'we do what we love to do because these things make us be'.

At the end of November, Design Assembly celebrated the end of the year and the start of summer at a series of events held in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Nicola Devine, our wonderful DA Host in Christchurch, sent through these great shots from the Christchurch EOY party and poster exhibition…

More pics of the event here
Photos by Peanut Productions.


Best Awards - Bronze

Auckland, New Zealand

Really proud to bring to Queenstown a bronze from the Best Design Awards New Zealand for our work done for Cargo Brewery. A huge thanks to Meron & Malcolm for trusting in us and a special congratulations to all winners and finalists! .

Thanks to the whole team of @bestdesignawards


Interview with The Design Kids

The Design Kids bridges the gap between college students and professionals, in the Graphic Design industry. It's a giant resource to help you get inspired, get involved, and get hired! Get to know your local design industry, and then explore other cities around the globe for new inspiration, different ideas or awesome dream jobs.

You can check the interview here



Typography. Exploring the limits

Sandu Publishing
Guangzhou, China

We have been invited to participate with the packaging for The Empanada Kitchen, and Cargo Brewery.

Typography is the art and technique of designing and arranging type, to make texts readable and appealing and therefore a fundamental area of graphic design. "Typography" gathers a selection of the most creative design projects from all over the world ranging from branding, poster and packaging design to space design.


Eco Packaging Now

Eco Packaging Now
Images Publishing, Australia
Project: Little Balena

Nowadays, the sales range of goods spans across the world. It is not difficult for us to drink Russian vodka in New Zealand or taste fruits from Brazil in Japan. So how do designers find ecological ways to design packaging strategies that protect the product while ensuring that the packaging is more sustainable and not harmful for environment?

This book will inspire both design creativity and reveal ways to help counter significant environmental issues facing the world today.

You can get the book here


Caminos Inspirados

Trimarchi Editions & Cynar
Mar del Plata, Argentina

Project: Las ideas no se matan
Collaboration: Voicot + makebardo

This book compiled hopeful decisions. People with inspiring paths. We divided it into 5 Sections: Life, roots, Couples, Social and Environment. For every one we choose projects that give their time to good causes, who work for and by the love, equality, the well-being of our planet and all who inhabit it.

Check it here.


Climax Installation

Barcelona, Spain

This time the artists from makebardo disembark from this group in Weart Festival - New Media bringing us a custom installation for this festival. 

Under the name of 'Climax' they propose the abstraction of this force completion by geometric volumes in constant tension through a mapping conceptually showing this stage.

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Offline Workshop

Canal 180 Workshop
Offline, Pure Experimentation
Guimarães, Portugal
Arts and Creativity Platform

Through experimentation with unusual techniques we will explore different paths to wake up the creation. 
4 Stages: Introduction, Production, Exhibition & exchange

* Includes a 'kit' to work.




Autumn Conversations by Design Assembly
New Zealand, Christchurch. Epic

This year’s series of speaker events explore food and beverage projects in graphic design. Each presenter will briefly introduce themselves, then talk about a singular project that relates to food and beverage. The project presentation will delve into the process and execution of the design, from rejected concepts through to the consideration of fine details in the design decisions.

'Packaging, a matter of seconds'
– Introducing makebardo
– Case Study: Cargo Brewery, design process behind the honest drop.
– Queenstown Graphic Design: transforming concepts into powerful brands.

Poster design by Ryan Romanes



The Design Conference
Packaging, Branding & Illustration
Brisbane, Australia. Powerhouse

'To makebardo the best ideas have a clear message supported by a strong concept and a clean visual execution. In the creative process they research, analyse, discuss and experiment. Every detail is critical in order to achieve what they are looking for in each project. They are flexible, especially when projects allow them to innovate and evolve not only as professionals but also as human beings'

Text by Matthew Haynes, General from The Design Conference



Pack You Workshop
Jump to the 3 dimensions
Brisbane, Australia. Powerhouse

If you had to present yourself in one product, what would it be, and how would you do it? This workshop has places for only 20 lucky folks! Focusing on graphic design applied on packaging, overall it seeks to expand your self perspective and to develop a personalised creative process that enhances your style and creates content that sparks a dialogue with a larger audience.

Also we will share our secrets and manias, and we will give you tips so you can start your own adventure.


IDN Magazine

IdN Magazine Packaging Design Vol21 #6
Hong Kong, China

We have been invited to participate with the packaging for The Empanada Kitchen, Zamora and Little Balena.

Presenting our biggest-ever feature story! More than 50 of their favourite packaging designs by 42 creatives who specialise in packaging design – toughest of genres. Plus their thoughts on how to excel at it. This is one you’ll want to save.


Computer Arts Magazine

Computer Arts

Issue #252. Design matters: insight and inspiration for the global design community

Interview with makebardo about what are we doing to make packaging design sustainable? 

Computer Arts is the magazine for people who believe design matters. Every issue delivers the insight and inspiration creative professionals need to survive and thrive in today’s global design industry. From in-depth analysis of the latest trends and business issues to the very best new work and behind the scenes access to cutting-edge studios and projects, Computer Arts covers what counts.