News about makebardo, a creative design studio based in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Queenstown Airport External Wayfinding

Queenstown Airport is the gateway to southern New Zealand, and a vital component of the regional and national tourism industries. makebardo developed together with the Queenstown Airport team all the external wayfinding system at the surroundings of the principal building, Parking A & B and the new Park & Ride facility. Includes directional signs, coloured walkways, glass and new pavement icons to better guide visitors

Ensuring visitors can easily navigate their way around the airport in a simple way is key to creating a memorable experience. When travelling to and from the airport, people leave invisible lines and pathways as they go about their journeys. 
Using the traditional Koru as inspiration, we’ve worked the design into our wayfinding on the pavements – in the form of painted Korus as guides – and incorporated the travelling lines into the new wayfinding signage and icons. 
If you look carefully at the glass doors and signage, you can now see lines that converge on one common point, a union that we build together. This is a new concept for wayfinding; a more friendly, efficient and unique way of guiding people. 

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