Simple things done well

Client: The Empanada Kitchen
Location: Queenstown, New Zealand
Industry: Food
Status: In progress


They are The Empanada Kitchen and their philosophy is: Simple Things Done Well. Their focus is on small-town South American and European street food for the working class hero. Mauro’s food-centric family and heritage has made him curious to keep experimenting and evolving. Their experience has culminated in the belief that people appreciate and savour raw simple flavours, without any “enhancements”. They don’t want people to forget what good food is supposed to taste like. Their aim is to avoid monotony, by changing our flavours all the time, and constantly experimenting with different products, and collaborating with other local Queenstown makers.

Based in Queenstown, in the heart of Central Otago, New Zealand, they believe in good and honest food, done simply, done well.



Create a subcategory of a new product line. Our client needed a visual identity to make their packaging design for " Frozen Empanadas". This is a new range of products which needs to be part of the whole family brand with the particularity that now is special to this product line. The design had to be legible in terms of the family Brand but clearly show that this is a different product.


We made a package aligned with the Brand because it has more presence on the shelf than a package that is not aligned. We used the main shape & colour to capturing the consumer’s eye. Colour and shape combinations give the client clues of the product’s quality and personality. Also we worked carefully with a balance of text and icons that clearly explains what the product is and differentiates

it from the competition. In addition, text used in relation to the colours, forms and symbols of the package depended on the flavour. We wanted to catch the consumer’s attention in the critical split second when a potential purchaser is browsing. Our proposal is attractive, with innovative packaging that states with a simple visual identity what is contained in the box.


Our Work

Brand Design
Concept Development
Packaging Design
Visual Identity



By Rebecca Viale
Co-Founder & Director

"We were so impressed at how quickly makebardo  team grasped what our business is all about. They think so carefully about every aspect of design - how the product will look on the shelf, how the product will stand out over its close competitors, how the design will stand the test of time etc. Every angle is researched thoroughly and we feel confident that our brand identity is tailored to and consistent with our values and goals, whilst leaving room to grow. Working with them is so easy - they listened to our ideas but aren't afraid to propose well reasoned alternatives. We would recommend makebardo  to anyone who wants not only a truly bespoke design, but a unique identity".