From thundering water
comes the purest beer

Client: Waitiri
Location: Queenstown, New Zealand
Industry: Beverage
Status: Completed


Waitiri Beer was born in 2018 with the aim of becoming the national beer that represents the people who feel pride in living in this special corner of the world, an egalitarian world full of nature and adventures with a co-operative spirit. It’s a beer for a creator’s soul, non-conformist and authentic.


Design Approach

All the elements that convey national pride and represent the New Zealanders in the world have been used. Waitiri has a new attitude and proves to customers that it’s acceptable to not be a sheep in society. It’s a brand that wants to become global, but never loses it’s roots.

— Goal: Become a market leader. A successful transition from local to national to global. 

— Target: People passionate about what they do; People willing to take risks; Any gender; People who enjoy both adventure and leisure; People proud of living in New Zealand; People looking for something different; Curious, creative and dreamy people.

— Brand Values: Passion; Consistency; Uniqueness; Authenticity; Local image; Integrity

— Focus on: Consumers; Niche markets; Youth; Alternative sports; Self-expression


Waitiri (Maori): Thundering water; Disturbed stream.
— wai: water or stream
— tiri: to toss about or disturb
— Tagline: From thundering water comes the purest beer.

A bespoke typeface was developed to evoke the movement of the waves from right to left and vice versa on the Master Logo mark and Monogram.

Brand Illustration

— Silver Fern: It is considered a badge of honour by the people, products and services of New Zealand that carry it.
— Stamp: This represents not only the ‘southern cross’ that is unique to this part of the world and used on the flag; it also represents the 4 members of the Blakey ‘family’.
— Pattern: Thundering water texture

Colour Palette

— Black: The New Zealanders have an emotional connection with black. Black became the national colour with sports teams and events weaving the word “black” into their names to imply patriotism. It’s timeless, stylish and safe. “I do think black suits us - it’s understated, it doesn’t shout at you for attention. That reflects New Zealand’s persona.”  “It’s too deeply embedded in our national psyche.” Source: Black, The History of Black in Fashion, Society and Culture in New Zealand. By Doris de Pont.

— Red: Represents Te Whei Ao, the realm of Coming into Being. It symbolises the female element. It also represents active, flashing, southern, falling, emergence, forest, land and gestation. Red is Papatuanuku, the Earth Mother, the sustainer of all living things. Red is the colour of earth from which the first human was made.

— Silver / Grey: Represents the Silver Fern (Cyathea dealbata), a symbol for New Zealand identity. 

— Gold: This precious metal associated with wealth, grandeur, and prosperity gives a traditional final touch to the brand. A perfect detail to achieve whole unique identity. 


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