Consciousness about the animals in danger of extinction

Client: Self-initiated
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Industry: Not-for-profit organisation



Generate a system of posters to communicate the issue about animals that are in danger of extinction. We wanted to create a visual impact, easily recognisable and simple to understand.


We've decided to present a collection of four posters representing the number of animals that are in danger of extinction using the same legend as the tickets that are “sold out” (agotado) at an entertainment show. In this way we were using a format usually reserved for entertainment to convey a serious environmental problem.


These posters were placed in various billboards in the city of Barcelona, supporting the dissemination of the cause for both residents and the thousands of tourists who visit this beautiful city each year. 

They are points of free dissemination and a high traffic of people saw it every day. This strategy helped us to achieve a high breadth of communication in a cost effective manner.


Our Work

Concept Development
Print Design
Visual Identity