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Client: Approval Partners
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Industry: Architectural Services
Published at
Brand Built. RHED Publishers, Singapore
Architectural Logos. Counter-Print, United Kingdom



Approval Partners is a team of degree qualified urban planners with a unique mix of planning system expertise, strategic thinking and commercial nous. Their passion is guiding client projects through the statutory approvals process as efficiently and smoothly as possible.They started life as part of URBANSCALE, working with clients on development projects that required new ways of thinking in order to resolve historical planning issues.

From these experiences they learned that clients valued their highly focused, responsive and unconventional approach to planning, and their ability to find the strategic and political linkages that progressed projects from the initial concept stage through to approval. They’ve created a new team comprising of regionally-based planning experts attuned to the commercial realities of projects and an excellent grasp on local policy, politics and specific spatial factors.


Our challenge was to create a new brand identity distinctive from every other planning consultant. The main words that our client give us were ‘sharp, focussed, friendly, confidence, certainty, expertise’. They wanted AP in capitals in some of the branding but were very open and approachable with a light touch allowing us to develop a fresh concept.


We produced a clean and refined logotype and colour palette that are sympathetic to the minimalist qualities of the brand soul.
We achieved an intelligent solution comprising the logotype with capital letters in each word of the name: AP. These letters build a unique symbol of "home" , being representative of their field of expertise.
Our response was to create a solution that clearly identified the soul of the brand, with recognisability and integrity. 


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