Human & Environmental Awareness

Client: Biosferia
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Industry: Not-for-profit organisation



It is a socio-cultural event that invites people to become aware about the necessity of change in human ecology, environmental care and sustainability issues. It is a meeting place where people can share new knowledge and ways of adapting to the times, ideas; and propose artistic, technological and creative techniques that promote new ways of living with our surrounds.

Their focus is Change, using the motto: "The future is here". The idea was to create different thematic scenarios with exhibitions and experiential activities like games, workshops, art exhibitions, screenings, fairs, professional shows and talks.


Our task was to inform and educate the audience on the importance of sustainable living in harmony with nature and the environment. The central theme was caring for our natural resources. The manner of communication was consistent with this, promoting concrete action, creating synergies and encouraging community empowerment.


We created a brand and identity that follows this environmental line and was applied in environmentally-friendly ways. The shape of the Brand is a circle that makes reference to the circle of the life. And the colour is red symbolising the passion of each person involved with the project and representing human concerns. Finally the logo contains the values of the project such as solidarity, change, dignity, honesty, harmony, volition, fortress, simplicity, awakening, union, freedom, hope and future.


Our Work

Brand Design
Concept Development
Editorial Design
Print Design
Visual Identity