What you do comes back to you

Client: Little Balena
Location: New York, United States
Industry: Fashion



Little Balena is a team of passionate Nebraskan quilters. They sew all the Play Quilts with love for your baby. Their sewers sincerely love to quilt and they have set the wage for their time and effort. Your Play Quilt is cut and built by hands and sewing machines in the United States, not overseas factories. They use the finest quality fabrics and cotton batting to keep the Play Quilts durable. Little Balena is honoured to be part of such a special time for a family.



Create a booth design for the first exhibition of the Brand in a big fair. The key factor of the brand: When you purchase a Little Balena play quilt, you also plant a tree. 


We needed to work with a tight deadline, so we decided to go with simple but contemporary panels with posters of the identity of the brand.  The main focus was an installation of a conceptual tree because we wanted to represent the cycle of their product, and we wanted to display the products as “fruits of the tree”.

So the circle of the product meant that if you buy a play quilt, the Little Balena brand plants a tree in a national forest where it is needed most. When this tree grows it is a symbol that the play quilts are the fruits of this planting. We emphasised this concept because it was a major point of differentiation from their competitors. Our primary value: Conscious Action. All the work was made in an environmentally friendly fashion.


Our Work

Art Installation
Concept Development
Print Design
Retail & Space Design
Visual Identity



By Stephanie Wolfe
Founder & Director

"I was so pleased with the work makebardo did. I came to them with some ideas about my business and they were able to bring all those ideas together.  It was amazing to have them take a vision of mine and communicate it to my customers in a simple way. They have been a real joy to work with.  I highly recommend them to anybody needing help with branding".