Providing clarity, direction
and engagement

Client: Caribou
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Industry: Consulting
Published at:
Novum Magazine 02.17. Munich, Germany


Brand Metaphor

The caribou have excellent vision, can see clearly in every direction and are exceptional navigators. Their keen eyesight enables the herd to move with one purpose towards their intended destination. An excellent metaphor for the clear vision I will bring to help an organisation identify and reach its strategic goals. 

The Horn Hands

We used these metaphor because the main service of ‘Caribou’ is to help clients to achieve their goals through a clever strategy. The hands instead of horns signifies that ‘Caribou’ contains and supports their clients throughout the process.


Tagline: ‘Providing clarity, direction and engagement’.

Our approach was to create a concept design which allows us to have the flexibility to adapt to multiple possibilities.  We work with the premise that we need to achieve a professional brand with a solid background but at the same time needs to be fun, fresh, creative, and energetic. Our proposal was to unify all these concepts/values to create a strong, brave and unique visual identity. 

Our strategy for creating a clear difference between Caribou and its competitors was to work with a contemporary visual proposal. We developed a confident brand through decisions in morphologies, typographies, tagline, colours and with a flexible visual identity.

Typography: We create a bespoke typography to reach a personal and unique brand. This typography is classy, contemporary and simple. The intentional diagonal of the typography gives character, determination and braveness to the brand. The endings on the characters are organic to generate kindness. 

Colour values: We decided to work with a broad colour palette. This brings to the brand a fresh, creative and dynamic soul. From the colour psychology, grey is the colour of commitment. Green is the colour of balance and growth. Blue is the colour of trust and peace. Pink is unconditional love and nurturing. Gold is the colour of success, achievement and triumph.

The 5 Points

+ 01 Body: We decide to work with the whole animal for two reasons: the first one is because the brand doesn’t omit anything, it’s honest & committed. The second reason is that if we work only with the head of the Caribou, we will be communicating that the animal is dead. We want to reflect in every detail that we are alive and have lots of energy. 

+ 02 Standing: The Caribou standing gives us the feeling that the brand is supported by an experienced background. 

+ 03 Looking at the front: This is not random. The ‘Caribou’ has a perspective into the future and growth of the clients. This means that we have a positive attitude with a clear vision. 

+ 04 The ‘horn hands’: We used the metaphor of ‘horn hands’ because the main service of ‘Caribou’ is to help clients to achieve their strategic goals. The hands instead of horns signifies that ‘Caribou’ contains and supports their clients. 

+ 05 The balance: Inside the isologo we can visualise a pyramid. This signifies that ‘Caribou’ helps their clients to achieve a balance in every field of their business


Our work

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Monique Cairns
— Director Caribou
and PCA Auckland

'I found makebardo to be an excellent team to work with. Their creativity and design is second to none. They listened to the requirements of Caribou and responded to the brief perfectly. They built in longevity and flexibility to the brand identity and all the design elements so that the brand and materials can build and evolve. I found them to be extremely creative, understanding and responsive. They went above and beyond and were a delight to work with.'