Orgasm crystallisation

Client: We Art Festival
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Industry: Art
Engineer: Carlos L´heveder
Assistant: Sandra Costa
Collaboration with Blow Factory



We Art Festival is a fresh and exciting event on Barcelona´s cultural calendar.

WeArt Festival understands that we live a radical paradigm shift in which we see the hybridization of what has traditionally been defined in disciplines.

The project encompasses the areas of New Media Art, Street Art, Graffiti, Photography, Illustration and Visual Arts. In this multi-platform era, in artistic production the relationship with the audience and its experience gains prominence over the product and its display.


We were called to participate in the first edition of We Art Festival in collaboration with Blow Factory to develop an installation of 360 degrees.
The theme of the Festival was “Sex” so we decided to present an abstract "Orgasm Crystallisation". The utilisation of colour from cold to warm and through the use of texture, we presented a unique and a strong character.

Technique: Mapping with 2 projectors
Material: 300 white cardboard tetrahedrons of 35 x 35 x 35 cm.


Our Work

Art Installation
Concept Development
Video Mapping