We deliver sincere meals

Client: Edible Fair
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Industry: Food
Published at:
Novum Magazine 02.17. Munich, Germany
Chois Gallery Magazine Vol. 36. Shanghai, China



Analysis: We believe that the main value of ‘Edible Fair’ is being ‘sincere’. Trying to focus the business through end-to- end sustainability without ‘sincerity’ is impossible to do. Nowadays this value is appreciated, not only because of being ‘honest’, but also for being ‘trustworthy’. We believe that you can perceive this when you are in front of something, and that you can look and feel ‘sincere’. 

Mission: Create and deliver ‘healthy meals’ through end-to-end sustainability. 

Manifesto: We want to share the main values of the brand in every supporting way. This allows us to approach customers with the brand: Sincerity, simple, authentic, respect, environmentally friendly, awareness, local, be, organic, grateful, love, responsibility, true, solidarity, passionate, fresh, sustainable, brave, inspiration, seasonal, collaborative, transparency, playful, honest, clean, pure, equality, socially conscious, wholesome, and essential.


‘We deliver sincere meals’

We: The point of view of the first person, helps the brand to be believable and creates a real connection with the consumer.
Deliver: It ́s the way the business works.
Sincere: Is the core of the brand and summarises all the values.
Meals: Defines the category (food industry).


We don’t have anything to hide. We need to show end-to-end sincerity. It is a simple but compelling concept because it is a universal resource. It can involve any kind of customers, from young people to mature, and from hipsters to the more traditional. With this, we can achieve a clever and timeless visual identity. Also we can appreciate a pleasant and clear continuity between the logo and the visual identity, adding a further layer of detail and personality. 

We have at least 3 different ways to highlight things. We picked the second option because we wanted something between organic and structural. We were looking for a balance. 


Colours Values: Yellow is the most luminous of all the colours of the spectrum and it’s a primary colour. It’s the colour that captures our attention more than any other. In almost every culture, yellow represents sunshine, happiness, energy and warmth. It helps to activate the memory, encourage communication, enhance vision and build confidence.  It is often associated with the food industry. 

Illustration & Icons: ‘Be sincere. Show the inside’. We decided to use only slices of the products because we wanted to show the inside as a gesture of sincerity in every illustration. The icon system we created in lines to allow the ‘inside’ to be seen too. Again, we wanted to show the inside as a gesture of sincerity in every graphic. 


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Gabriel Espinosa
— Founder & Director

'I approached makebardo to work on an unconventional idea for a multilayered online food business. Within our first meeting I sensed they grasped the concept and immediately began to tackle the job of creating the identity. With there holistic approach they managed to create a powerful identity encapsulating a range of clever and well thought out elements. All working together to help tell the story and strengthen the brand. They took my vision and created an awesome visual story. Great job guys!'