Awareness about the indiscriminate logging of trees worldwide

Client: EHMA
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Industry: Not-for-profit organisation
Published at:
IdN Magazine: Packaging Design Vol21 #6. China
Green First! Earth friendly design. Sandu Publishing, China



EHMA are a group of people committed to change and growth, searching for quality of life and a sustainable future in terms of care and respect of nature by man.

The planet is going through a critical process of transformation and environmental change.

Part of this is due to its natural cycle, however a clear catalyst has been the excessive use of natural resources by human hands.


They believe that during the process each and every one of us can do something to help reduce man’s impact. It is possible to build a sustainable future, and let nature provide for us whilst interacting with Earth’s conscience.

EHMA is an action that focuses on adapting to change, proposes solutions and healthy practices, using this crisis as a basis for growth and seeing it as an opportunity to improve our quality of life.

EHMA calls for the awakening of consciousness.


makebardo was challenged to make a provocative international intervention for EMHA (Environmental and Human Ecology Argentina), to raise awareness about the indiscriminate logging of trees worldwide. 


In order to best provoke the general public we harnessed the public roads to democratize communication and maximize reach. Utilising an axe as the visual icon and symbol of this practice, we intended an intense visual and conscientious impact.


Our Work

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