Who is Jack Cox

Client: Jack Cox
Location: Byron Bay, Australia
Industry: Health and Beauty



Jack Cox is a bathroom spray made with care by Acetyl Organics in the surf town of Byron Bay, Australia. With a range of manly fragrances, you’ll not only show how considerate you are, but also prove you have good taste.


Jack Cox it a manly fragrance for considerate males. So, get back to demolishing your porcelain throne with impunity, and add ‘considerate’ to the list of manly accomplishments.

Design Strategy

Aimed at the male market, we created a true complicity with that audience. We worked all the visual identity through the question that the client shared with us in the brief as a general idea of the brand, “Who is Jack Cox?”

In response to that question, we worked on the visual identity in such a way that the guiding idea is to never put a ‘face’ to Jack Cox. We let it be a mystery and he would only be known through his anecdotes, stories and thoughts. In this way we'll create a myth and involve the public to be part of the legend. With this approach we've achieved a consumer loyalty, a true camaraderie. 

Regarding the word-mark, the idea was to represent the core concept that Jack Cox is built of a lot of parts such as; experiences, stories, thoughts, reflections, friends, women, family, etc. Also we decided to highlight the ‘X’ to represent that anyone could be Jack Cox. 

On the other hand, the colour palette clearly plays a leading role. With this palette we wanted to highlight the rugged, masculine and serious approach of the brand. It’s a desaturated and cold palette with a touch of gold to give a premium and heritage look. We achieved a colour palette that enhances the mystery side of the brand with a slick and modern appeal, that stands out from the competition. 

Overall, we have created a bold brand-mark that is astute, elegant and highly appealing to any modern man.


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