Spray it first. Mask the worst.

Client: Mask
Location: Byron Bay, Australia
Industry: Health and Beauty
Published at:
Asia-Pacific Design No. 13. Sandu Publishing, China
Counter-Print Packaging. Counter-Print, United Kingdom
Package & Design Magazine Vol 205. Guangzhou, China



Mask is a premium bathroom spray. Use Mask BEFORE using the bathroom. Their small but dedicated team at Mask have always had one common goal to produce the highest quality bathroom sprays on the market. Mask leaves a pleasant aroma that isn’t perfumy and doesn’t overpower you. Spray it first. Mask the worst.


Design Brief

Rebrand Mask identity with a clean and minimal design approach focussed on typography. 


We've recreated this brand with the logo the same effect of the product that the brand sells. In an ingenious design approach we recreate the spray so through the logotype we directly see the soul of the product. We've achieved the spray effect through the geometric composition of dots. Our goal was to establish a clear and compelling brand concept that reflects values such as simplicity and clarity - an holistic approach to redesign the brand identity. 

On the other hand we’ve been working with a highly legible san-serif typography for the logo and with a classy serif for the texts over the label that can coexist perfectly with the logo, creating a perfect balance. Regarding the colour palette, we decided to used a stripe to easily recognise the fragrances, and we elected to work with a broad colour palette. This brings to the brand a fresh, creative and dynamic soul. 

We’ve achieved a unique rebrand and well-defined design with a simple visual execution. This afforded more value and personality to the brand, not only to be recognised, but also to be remembered. 


Our work

Brand Design
Concept Development
Packaging Design
Print Design
Visual Identity



Jason Morrisby
— Director

'makebardo have exceeded our expectations immensely and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Our products have really come to life thanks to the incredible dedication, patience and vision that Luis and Bren showed throughout the process Thanks for making the whole experience a joyous one!'