Modular Robotics

Client: Modular Robotics
Location: Colorado, United States
Industry: Toy


Modular Robotics is a small but growing team headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. Toys shape the way that children think about the world, so Modular Robotics designed little robots to help build better thinkers. 

Their goal is to make captivating robot toys that inspire an intuitive understanding of complexity, computational thinking, emergence, design, and a bunch of other vital thinking skills. 

Enjoy making, exploring, and creating with Cubelets® robot blocks!

Design Approach

From the beginning, makebardo worked closely with the Modular Robotics team during 2017 and 2018 to understand the company’s interests through a collaborative working process. This process gave us useful insights into Modular Robotics’s brand values and their robot kit line which has been selling primarily to schools and science centres. It was an exciting challenge for us to help them on their new journey to develop a packaging design for their Cubelets® line suitable for a retail environment. 

We pushed our thinking because the pack needs to reflect the same innovation that the Cubelets® evoke. Modular Robotics gives a new point of view on how to play with toys, so the  packaging should do the same with the exhibition, materials and consumer experience. We needed to developed a pack concept that would match the brand’s values. It must inspire the love of learning through play. 


The aim was to create a design that appeals not only from a kid-centric perspective but also attracts all ages since the product can be used from 4 years +. 

'Discover' is a key factor in this toy. You can connect Cubelets® together and build thousands of different robots that exhibit interesting behaviours. Create, make, and reinvent to learn vital skills. 

Following the concept of 'Discovery', we worked with a simple and clever decision. We putted the packaging inside a static shielding bag. In this way we managed to hide the front of the box. Why? Well, kids (and adults too) love surprises, and so they enjoy discovering what's inside. With this concept of a closed bag we guaranteed that experience. Doing this, we also gained direct brand exposure on the streets, by having a bag with handles so there is no need for a second bag from the store.


Also, this material is congruent with the technological side of the product and in turn the box with its simple but effective design layout, completes a very interesting product.

We've achieved a design which creates an excitement and curiosity and gives a serious dose of personality to the brand, generating a more memorable experience than any of the products in the category. The outcome is an innovative and eye-popping packaging. Its bold, clean, simple, and effective design adds to a disruptive force that stands out amongst competitors on a retail rack.


Our work

Visual Identity
Concept Development
Packaging Design
Print Design



Stu Barwick
— Product Manager

‘Luis and Bren of makebardo are a pair of amazingly talented designers. Their work speaks for itself — clean, professional, beautiful design. Behind the scenes, they worked with all our quirks and changing tastes to deliver a solution that helped revamp our brand and start a design language that we plan to use to build our future. I’m so glad we were able to work together. This has been professional partnership I hope to continue for a long time to come’.