The Design Conference

The Design Conference
Packaging, Branding & Illustration
Brisbane, Australia. Powerhouse

After working in Buenos Aires, Barcelona and Melbourne, the Argentinian Creative Directors Bren Imboden & Luis Viale affirm that living in different countries with varied cultures has forced them to be flexible and reflective. While they have primarily Latin and European influences, these designers mix experimentation and cross-disciplines in order to create unique aesthetic for a broad mix of clientele.

To makebardo the best ideas have a clear message supported by a strong concept and a clean visual execution. In the creative process they research, analyse, discuss and experiment. Every detail is critical in order to achieve what they are looking for in each project. They are flexible, especially when projects allow them to innovate and evolve not only as professionals but also as human beings.

They believe in a world without borders and a design without limits.

Text by Matthew Haynes.
Founder of The Design Conference
Brisbane, Australia.