Dieline Awards 2019

Aotearoa Design Dieline Success
by Nicole Arnett Phillips

Design Assembly extends our heartfelt congratulations to all the New Zealand winners and finalists for the 2019 Dieline Awards.

The benchmark for impeccably designed packaging of consumer products, The Dieline Awards recognise the absolute best from designers and design agencies worldwide. The Awards began as a way to formally recognize the absolute best in consumer product packaging design worldwide, bringing awareness to the immense value that lies in well-designed brand packaging. Now in its 9th year, it has become the standard which brand owners, consumers, and designers turn to for the best packaging design in the world.

Since its inception, Dieline Awards has handed out 397 coveted trophies. While this may sound like a lot, the competition is truly the most competitive in the industry. This year alone, Dieline Awards received nearly 1500 entries from over 20 countries around the world, and only 94 received an award. This year, against some of the hottest competition in The Dieline’s history, New Zealand’s local design studios celebrated success across many categories.

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