Client: PlantB
Location: Queenstown, New Zealand
Industry: Food



They are a fast casual restaurant with a strong focus on healthy, seasonal creative food, that feeds and supports the communities in which they operate. Their food is a culinary brand with a flavourful and healthy menu featuring customisable salads & grain bowls. The core of their menu is vegan, gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free, and they allow customers to add free range and organic proteins if they choose. Their products are as pure as they can possibly be, with no stabilisers or nasties in their kitchens.

Design Strategy

We wanted to move away from the cliché of the wholesome brands. We worked to break the code of a soft and shy look and feel of this category of business. We are unique, we have a different personality, we are punk. Our goal was to achieve a brand identity that aims for a new paradigm of ‘healthy’.

Design Approach

Being bold.

The first premise was not to be cutesy at any design decision. This was made possible with deliberate use of morphologies, typographies, graphics and colour palette. We aimed to be real, honest, and sometimes tongue-in-cheek. 

We used the resource of the ‘speech balloons’ as a pictorial mark because the dialogues do not tell us what happens, they show it to us. It makes the things visible and allows us to be direct witnesses of what is happening and thus, be able to draw our own conclusions. They give voice to the characters. This is the core of the brand: be authentic and genuine generating an honest communication with the tribe.

Regarding the colour palette, we chose this colour combination because they are similar but at the same time different, like people.  Even though the colour palette generally is aimed at the female population, all genders feel seduced by it. It is a flexible and multi generational palette. The colour palette creates a special feel, a visual harmony, an accessible beauty. 

In summary, we achieved a oneness brand identity that reflects the passion, the purpose and the anti-establishment that PlantB proposes as an attitude in life because it’s not about being 'healthy' to them, it’s about living and eating clean with a conscience.


Our work

Brand Design
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