Chronicle of the thaw

Client: Canal 180
Location: Guimarães, Portugal
Industry: Art
Photography: Miguel Oliveira
Video: Canal 180



makebardo was invited to participate in the art residency for 180 Creative Lab, a Laboratory of experimentation in video, music, design and illustration.


Through this installation we seek to document in an artistic way how climate change is directly affecting the Arctic Poles and humans. 

We made approximately 1,000 pyramids by hand, symbolizing topographically this glacier reduction with the purpose of awakening people’s conscience. t is very powerful that through the repetition of an element, in this case the

pyramid (which paradoxically symbolizes balance), we can recreate this problem artistically. Also we added at night a mapping section with sound to enhance the concept and evoke a powerful feeling to everyone present. 


Our Work

Art Installation
Concept Development
Video Mapping