Wedding photography

Client: Pollard we are
Location: Queenstown, New Zealand
Industry: Photography



Husband and wife team. Typically found capturing awesome weddings amongst the mountains of NZ and the rest of this amazing world. Rangefinder Top 30 Rising Stars 2015.

Design Brief

Rebrand their brand identity with a solid and mature look and feel but at the same time needs to be fun, youthful, casual, modern and simple. 

Brand Concept

Our strategy was to create an ambigram brand. Why? Because this concept is simple but clever. 

Ambigrams are words or phrases written or drawn in such a way that they allow, at least, two different readings. The second reading can be done after doing some type of operation with the original drawing. Personality is one of the values that makes ‘Pollard we are’ stand out from the competition. Vicky and Jim, being the forces behind the brand, we decided to use the ‘ambigram’ so the brand can have 2 different readings but meaning the same. 

The idea was to create an isologo that generates the feeling of ‘infinity’. Love often is related to the eternal and in this case refers directly to their industry: wedding photography. On a second level of reading, in between the union of the capital letters ‘P’, you will find the symbol of ‘+’. This represents the sum of Vicky and Jim’s work.

For the visual identity concept our goal was to not use invasive elements, because the main protagonists are the photographs. The idea is to play with rectangles in lines with the same stroke as the isologo. 

We’ve developed a bespoke icon system with the same balance of the brand identity to use in the ‘Survival guide’. We followed the same thickness as the main logo/isologo. For us it is important that each graphic element has the same aesthetic coherence. 


Our work

Brand Design
Concept Development
Print Design
Visual Identity



Jim & Vicky Pollard
— Founders

'Bren and Luis, what a team! They are friendly, approachable, easy to talk to, relaxed yet very professional. They are incredibly passionate about good design and they really care about understanding who you are and what you are hoping to achieve. We were blown away by the deepness and meaning behind the design of our logo, everything was given such great care and attention. They are super intuitive and just really clever people, we loved working with them!'