In like a pretzel, out like a noodle

Client: Remedial Massage
Location: Queenstown, New Zealand
Industry: Health
Published at:
Page Magazine Vol. 08.2018. Hamburg, Germany



Whether you’re recovering from an injury, after some much needed relaxation, or needing relief from chronic and persistent pain, helping you is our number one priority. As advanced remedial massage therapists, our focus is on quality. We believe our patients are entitled to receive the highest calibre of massage therapy. We specialise in the more technical aspects of care as our training concentrates heavily on anatomy, physiology, sports and chronic pain assessments.


Brand Analysis

Target Market
—People who are wanting to eliminate stress
—People recovering from an ailment
—People who are looking to stay healthy under the guidance of a qualified instructor


Design Strategy

‘Life is too important to be taken seriously.’ —Oscar Wilde

Our main goal is to generate a smile to make the patient forget for a second any pain that they’re going through. 

Generally in the field of health, tone of voice is impersonal and colloquial so we must be different in order to attract new patients and cultivate loyalty. Our idea was to break the communications norm for this industry, with a deep sense of humour.

Tagline: In like a pretzel, out like a noodle. 

To emphasise the service for our clients, we’ve worked with the idea of a ‘before’ and an ‘after'. This idea reflects the concept of recovery. We evolved the word-mark and pictorial mark, playing with different thicknesses and illustrated characters respectively, in order to create a transformation from a compact and tight aspect to a loose and softer result.


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