Stamina Coffee

Client: The Human Nutrition Project
Location: Austin, United States
Industry: Food



Clean science driven products fuelled by nature, created by two competitive athletes and biochemistry nerds.

Healthier Coffee Infused with Organic Reishi and Cordycep Mushrooms. Organic, Fair Trade, Small Batch, Whole Bean Coffee.

Mushrooms balance the effects of caffeine for less jitters and no crash. This combo helps your supercharged performance go the extra mile.

Design Brief

A design that is sophisticated and smart but still edgy and cool with a modern look and feel.

Brand Strategy

Not to be one more because to be one more is to be less. Our brand identity proposal aims to break a mold away from the generic solutions that are typical of this product segment. We’ve developed a unique brand through decisions of a bright and fresh colour palette and with bespoke geometric shapes. 

Brand Concept

In the brand we wanted to represent the idea of a dialogue. Why? Because we believe that one of the core values of the brand is to give a honest information to help and educate athletes and people who care about holistic health and clean products. The brand represents that dialogue between ‘The Human Nutrition Project’ and their consumers. 

Visual Identity Concept

Inspired by the ‘Fractal’ images, we’ve been working to develop the visual identity with bespoke geometric shapes in different colours following The Human Nutrition family products look & feel. 


Our work

Brand Design
Concept Development
Packaging Design
Print Design
Visual Identity