Synthesis of measurement

Client: Urbanscale
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Industry: Architectural Services
Published at:
Brand Built. RHED Publishers, Singapore



URBANSCALE is a planning consultancy based in Melbourne and Ballarat, Victoria. They specialise in planning strategies and planning systems, and they conduct research that explores urban dynamics and change. 

Their clients are local governments and consultant teams responding to complex urban planning and community challenges.


The interesting thing about working with a startup is that the work environment is flexible and close knit. Together with Shannon Meadows, Founder and Director of Urbanscale we worked from the beginning as a team to respond to their needs as new market entrants, stressing that though new, they have a solid base of experience, professionalism and efficiency. We are convinced that startups offer the opportunity to improve the lives of people in a tangible way and Urbanscale is one of them.


We worked with the idea of scale and coordination. The synthesis of measurement objects and scales were used as resources to be incorporated into the logo, intensifying the relationship between the words “urban” and “scale”.
The S takes leadership to allow the game of differentiation between words and add conceptually the idea of unity, connection and coordination, making scale in typography.
As for the font choice, we worked on the redesign of a san serif typeface, to give the brand a unique character. For this reason we adapted details of scales and measures creating a new typeface to highlight the balance between the parties. 

The colour palette used was a duotone of grey at 95% with vibrant yellow pantone, resulting in a very interesting game because they are colours that coexist perfectly in the context where the brand will live. Yellow is a colour that gives soul, is vibrant and above all has the characteristic of being strong and full of character. The grey is the perfect companion to balance the scream of the yellow.
As a result of this first proposal, we have achieved the goal of creating a brand following every detail, aligning values such as cooperation, efficiency and professionalism.
Over all it is an honest logo, because with good typographic work we conveyed a solid and effective idea.


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Shannon Meadows
— Founder & Director

'We formed a close professional relationship with makebardo, and since that time they have led and managed all aspects of our company’s creative, branding and identity work. We greatly value the expertise and relationship we have built with them.'