Zamora Homemade is all about enjoying homemade food. They use natural ingredients in traditional recipes and add a modern twist. Zamora shows its strongest side is character and commitment with the present, without ever losing sight of its traditions. A brand that seeks to be young, but with a clear trend towards maturity.



Create a new range of packages that would be easily scale as new products will introduced and with a recognisable design system to built a strong visual communication. The goal was to create an engaging packaging solution for a diverse range of consumers. Not only the male target as always see in this kind of product but also we want to achieve the whole target health conscious market such as moms, females, athletes, families and the young/student market who were looking for high protein snacks.


Our approach in the strategy of the graphic design was to deliver a high quality snack within the premium snack food category.

We know that a simple design is more effective and simple to recognize. We evaluate some of the competitors in the market and we we want to avoids looking chaotic, we want to be different. Breaking through category to include more people into this range of products. Our proposal is that our product is identified in the sector with the added value that the consumer feel that the flavour tastes “real” and not artificial. The decision of being rare pack in the group is strategic. In consequence, we generate a new experience with our design, creating a visual calm moment. An exercise in aesthetic impact derived from colour and form contrast, and a conceptual and communicative simplicity.

The design has a mix of traditional elements with a contemporary fresh design whilst also having a premium and universal packaging design. The simple shapes of the letterforms are juxtaposed alongside the very organic pattern design.

We work hard to create an iconic connection through the pattern design, because this Pattern we use it as part of the main visual communication of the brand. With this solution we want to generate an eye contact with our consumers just in a few seconds.

The design connects with the consumer so it be able to become an unconditional product, as a result we assure a successful outcome in the highly competitive market on the present day. 


Our work

Visual Identity
Concept Development
Packaging Design



By Nicolas Karlsson

“Working with makebardo gave us a whole new level in the way we look into design. Our customers have a better and refreshed perception of us as a brand. They are professional, creative and take every job like the first one, leaving always a sensation of over achievement”