Zamora Homemade is all about enjoying homemade food. They use natural ingredients in traditional recipes and add a modern twist.

Zamora shows its strongest side is character and commitment with the present, without ever losing sight of its traditions. A brand that seeks to be young, but with a clear trend towards maturity.


The spirit of the brand means: tradition and passion. This new brand in the New Zealand market was founded by two young experienced partners that offer a high quality handcrafted product. We were invited to work with them to develop a Brand Identity and create packaging that fits different conceptual formats.


Zamora’s strongest side prevails with character and commitment to the present, without ever losing sight of tradition. This is a brand that reflects the values of honesty and proven tradition in caring for the manufacture of its products. The concept is reinforced by selecting a mature colour palette but with the use of shapes in a loose and modern composition.

A brand that wants to be young, but with a clear trend towards maturity and experience. The farm isologo poses freshness with no anchor to any specific product, therefore keeping the ability to use the brand for future products from the farm as the business grows. The font selected is san-serif but with an almost imperceptible serif to help us denote this mix of tradition and modernity.


Our Work

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Concept Development
Packaging Design
Visual Identity
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Nicolas Karlsson
— Co-Founder & Director

'Working with makebardo gave us a whole new level in the way we look into design. Our customers have a better and refreshed perception of us as a brand. They are professional, creative and take every job like the first one, leaving always a sensation of over achievement.'