After working in South America, Europe and Australia, the Argentinian Creative Directors Bren Imboden & Luis Viale affirm that living in different countries with varied cultures has forced them to be flexible and reflective. While they have primarily Latin and European influences, these designers mix experimentation and cross-disciplines in order to create unique aesthetic for a broad mix of clientele.

To makebardo the best ideas have a clear message supported by a strong concept and a clean visual execution. In the creative process they research, analyse, discuss and experiment.

Every detail is critical in order to achieve what they are looking for in each project. They are flexible, especially when projects allow them to innovate and evolve not only as professionals but also as human beings.

They believe in a world without borders and a design without limits.

Text by Matthew Haynes
Director - The Design Conference


We focus our
work on

Brand Design
Visual Identity
Packaging Design
Signage Systems
Wayfinding Design
Concept Development
Retail & Space Design
Editorial Design
Web Design
Art Installations


makebardo provides an advisory service in managing your brand. Brands should communicate a message and reflect the soul of the company’s values, however all too often it is done incorrectly with insufficient thought. We can help you in your design strategy, which will help your brand to grow in recognition and thus your business to thrive in the market.

We are proud of
our relationships

makebardo has worked worldwide with a variety of clients; from transport, beverage brands, fashion labels, retail environments, real state, technology companies, architecture, cultural & educational institutions and food industry.

Queenstown Airport . Transport I SkyBus . Transport I Davies Bakery . Food I Canal 180 . Arts & Music channel I MiRA . Audiovisual Festival I We Art . Artistic Festival Barcelona City Council . Culture Department I Biosferia . Bio Fest I Blow Factory . Visual Architecture I Ehma . Enviromental NGO I TEK . Gastronomic Brand I Voicot . Veegan Brand I Zamora . Food I Urban Scale . Town & Social Planning I Agrocanepa . Agro Outsourcing I Dangerfield . Clothing I Edumazing . Learning Centre I The World Bar Sydney . Entertainment I Fellers . Clothing I Little Balena . Babies Clothing I RentLogics . Rental Software I LightSpeed . Internet Services I Bourke Studio . Architectural Planners I Prima . Property Management I Baker Bob's . Food I Cargo Brewery . Beverage I Approval Partners . Architectural Services I Caribou . Consulting I Edible Fair . Food I The World Bar Queenstown . Entertainment I Lillevik Alpine . Beverage I Yonder . Hospitality I Mask . Health & Beauty I Pollard . Photography I Mt. Rosa . Beverage I Skycity . Hospitality I The Human Nutrition Project . Food

Selected press
& awards

Best Design Awards New Zealand
Winner 2016: Bronze
Category: Packaging.
Project: Cargo Brewery

First Things First!
New Branding and Design
for New Business
Berlin, Germany

Eco Packaging Now
Image Publishing
Shanghai, China

Dotted Visuals - Polka Dots
In Contemporary Graphic Design

Send Points Publishing

CITIx60 City Guides Melbourne
Victionary Editorial
Hong Kong, China

Brand Built. Branding Buildings & their Builders
RHED Publishers

Impacto Latino 2016.
Las mejores ilustraciones latinoamericanas

Universidad de Palermo
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Page Magazine 04.2017
Recruiting in the design and digital sector
Hamburg, Germany

Chois Gallery magazine
Gallery, The best Graphic Design Vol#31
Shanghai, China

Caminos Inspirados
Trimarchi Editions & Cynar
Mar del Plata, Argentina
Collaboration: Voicot + makebardo

Green First! Earth friendly design
Sandu Publishing
Guangzhou, China

A5 Magazine #13 Animal
Illustration Manifestación
Tel Aviv, Israel

Illustrative Branding
Smashing illustrations for brands

Victionary Editorial
Hong Kong, China

Chois Gallery magazine
Gallery, The best Graphic Design Vol#36
Shanghai, China

Flexible Packaging
Send Points Publishing

IdN Magazine Packaging Design Vol21 #6
Hong Kong, China

Basic Identity 2
Index Book. Barcelona, Spain

Novum Magazine #04.15
Australia & New Zealand design
Munich, Germany

Impacto Latino 2015.
Las mejores ilustraciones latinoamericanas

Universidad de Palermo
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Typography. Exploring the limits
Sandu Publishing
Guangzhou, China

GSM Magazine Issue #8
BJ Ball Ltd
New Zealand & Australia

A5 Magazine #13 Animal
Illustration Manifestación
Tel Aviv, Israel

Favourite Design Book
2016, Avignon

Computer Arts
Issue #252. Design matters: insight and inspiration for the global design community

Favourite Design Book
2014, Avignon

Magazine Bikefriendly Imagination

Göoo Editions
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Modern Heraldry Crests & Shields
London, UK

Novum Magazine #12.16
Munich, Germany

Color Code. Branding & Identity
Barcelona, Spain

Novum Magazine #02.17
Journey to Brazil
Munich, Germany

Talks &
master classes

Best of the Best Designers Speak®
The Designers Institute
Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki
New Zealand

Autumn Conversations
Presented by Design Assembly
Interview with makebardo
Christchurch, New Zealand

Shillington College Lecture
makebardo's Kitchen
Melbourne, Australia

Adobe Creative Jam
Presented by Design Assembly
Auckland, New Zealand
Thievery Studio

Creative Lab Talk
Documentary Art
Guimarães, Portugal
Arts & Creativity Platform

Analogue/Digital Conference
Packaging, Branding & Illustration
Brisbane, Australia. Powerhouse

Pack You Workshop
Jump to the 3 dimensions
Brisbane, Australia. Powerhouse

Canal 180 Workshop
Offline, Pure Experimentation
Guimarães, Portugal
Arts and Creativity Platform

Portfolio Review Leader
Behance Review Portfolio
Melbourne, Australia
NAB Building

& installations

2014. Puma Urban Art festival
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Illustrations Exhibition at
Centro Cultural Recoleta
Title: Ahora

2013. The Corner Hotel
Melbourne, Australia
Audiovisual set for Mac DeMarco

2013. 180 Creative Lab
Guimarães, Portugal
Experimental Art Residence
Installation: Chronicle of the Thaw

2013. Eufònic
Sant Carles de la Ràpita, Spain
Audiovisual Festival of Catalonia
Visual set for Joan Martí-Frasquier
Collaboration with Blow Factory

2013. Tres Tintas
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Finalist for the t-shirt contest
Illustration: Animal

2012. WeArt Festival
Barcelona, Spain
Audiovisual installation
Project: Climax

2012. MiRA Festival
Barcelona, Spain.
Audiovisual set for Dj Ragul
Collaboration with Blow Factory

2012. Sala Apolo
Barcelona, Spain
Audiovisual set for Rafael Lechowski
Collaboration with Blow Factory

2012. Civic Centre Urgell
Barcelona, Spain
Audiovisual set for Farràs-Romaní
Hot Jazz Cats
Collaboration with Blow Factory

2012. Werk It
Barcelona, Spain
Residence with a mapping installation
Collaboration with Blow Factory

2012. O-Cults
Barcelona, Spain
Brand design network
Part of the young and finest
designers from Barcelona

2012. Yuzz & Barcelona City Council
Barcelona, Spain
Entrepreneur program for ideas
with technological Innovation
The project: Natto, sensitive houses

2011. Arte y Parte
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Multiple illustrators exhibition

2010. Panorámica
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Audiovisual Festival
Visual set for Schwerpunkt.
Project: Cruda, open your eyes to reality

2008. Creamfields
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Illustrated audiovisual set
Collaboration with Blow Factory

2008. Ehma
Córdoba, Argentina
Multiple illustrators exhibition
The project: Indigo girls

2008. Centro Metropolitano de Diseño
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Product & Retail Workshop
Concept designs for Infinit eyewear

2005. Manzana de las Luces
Buenos Aires,  Argentina
Exhibition of Las Madres de Plaza de Mayo. 
Project: 78´ Football World Cup poster

2004. Centro Metropolitano de Diseño
Buenos Aires,  Argentina
Exhibition of UBA University
Project: Cathedra Gabriele

2003. Colón Theatre
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Superior Institute of Art of Colón Theatre. Realisation of scenography
Workshop: Gerardo Pitrapertoso,
Victor de Pilla y Alicia Gumá

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